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Paige may have seemingly bloomed overnight with the success of her 2018 singe ‘So Far’ and more recently ‘Bloom,’ but the rising pop star has been busy creating waves for a number of years now. Building an impressive fan base from her days of releasing covers on Youtube, Paige’s smooth RnB infused vocals and raw lyrics are fast garnering the attention they deserve, making it only a matter of time before she’s as well known as some of the pop sensations she can already count among her fans.

Playing Kicking Roses gig in support of the Walking In My Shoes Foundation tonight, we caught up with Paige for a quick chat about her latest release, who and what inspires her songwriting and more! Catch her live at the Portland Public House tonight from 9.30pm.

We’re so grateful to have you playing at our show tonight! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself - When and how you got into creating music and why it’s so important to you? 

WoooOooO so excited! I’ve been making my own music since I was about 12 years old, I’ve always loved how well music expresses emotions and it’s always fascinated me. Life is so much more exciting when you can put a soundtrack to it. I guess that’s why I love it so much.

As a big fan of pop music, what do you think it is that’s so captivating and is there anything that particularly excites you about the direction pop music has taken over the past few years?

I think pop music is easy for people to relate to. It’s always been a genre that’s easy to listen to and understand melodically and lyrically. It’s so exciting to see how much other genres are influencing pop music, It feels like there’s waaay more variety in the genre now. Pop used to have some sort of structure and now it feels like it’s more open and it’s awesome.

Are there any artists in particular who inspired you early on and helped shaped your own sound in anyway? 

Michael Jackson has always influenced me in the way he dances, in the way he sings about the environment and in the way the bass holds all of his songs together. He makes me want to dance at every BBQ I go to and I want people to dance to my music at BBQ’s as well haha. 

Your new single ‘Bloom’ seems very personal and honest.. Can you share with us the inspiration and meaning behind it? 

I wrote bloom in a time where I was learning to confront mistakes I’d made during the time, and about how I wanted to grow to be better for the people around me. And if I want to do that, I have to grow in my own soil rather than rely on somebody else to help me get better. 

How do you approach writing about your own personal life experiences like that, is it ever difficult or do you look at it as more of a cathartic release?

I actually find it quite easy. I like to share my experiences in music because I like to teach people the lessons I’ve learned through my downfalls in life. I also find it healing to express myself through music, I guess.

Both Billie Eillish and Lizzo have shared your music with their fans, how do you even react when that happens? 

I jump around like a crazy person! When I was first contacted by Billie I was on the toilet and I ran out into the living room with my jeans halfway down my legs, jumping around, telling my parents. LOL. I never really know how to express how I feel about that stuff better than by jumping around.

Do you think them sharing your songs impacted your career in anyway? 

100% ! I feel really lucky to have so much support from them and I’m so grateful. I have a lot of support from their fans, which is really nice. They have great supporters.

I guess the beauty of the internet is that is has made the world so much smaller, so anyone can find your content if they go looking. Having started out by posting covers on Youtube yourself, what is your take on streaming platforms and social media - Do you think they’re beneficial for those wanting to break into the music scene? 

I think social media is the strongest tool in being recognised as an artist. By posting videos you can be selling out Madison Square Garden a few years down the track (e.g Justin Bieber). I’m so grateful that Youtube, Instagram and Facebook have elevated me in my career because it’s helped me be recognised by my favourite artists, music industry folk etc… You never know who’s watching.

Following the release of ‘Bloom,’ what’s your next step? Do you have more releases on the cards we should keep an eye out for or more shows over the summer? 

I’m releasing an EP which will also feature Bloom! I’m super excited about it. There’s songs you can dance to at family BBQ’s which was the goal. I’m also going to be playing Soundsplash, Bay Dreams Pre Party, and I’ll be opening for Six60 at Western Springs which will be epic!

There currently seems to be such a fantastic amount of young, strong female artists on the scene in New Zealand and across the ditch in Australia. How empowering is that to see and be a part of? 

Soooooooooo awesome! I’m really loving how many upcoming female artists are coming out of NZ/AU and it makes me feel so inspired and honestly proud to be part of it. So many women I look up to at the moment - Benee, Tones & I, Mallrat, Vayne, Tommie… Soooo good.

Who are some other artists you’re loving right now that we should be listening to? 

Again, I have to say Benee is a fave right now. Love the EP! I’m also loving Ruel’s new album, Clairo’s lyrics are amazing and Omar Apollo is so sick!

Lastly, Kicking Roses recently teamed up with the Walking In My Shoes Foundation… What’s one thing somebody might learn about you or take away from spending a day walking in your shoes?

You would learn that.. What you put into the universe is most likely what you’ll receive back so treat everyone and everything with looooooovvvveeeee. 


Follow Paige on Instagram and see her live tonight from 9.30pm at Kicking Roses supports the Walking In My Shoes Foundation gig at the Portland Public House (Auckland).

Poppy Tohill